Fira Certification


All our glass display cabinets are tested to the FIRA standard.

About FIRA

FIRA is acknowledged globally as a leading authority on furniture testing and flammability testing. FIRA offers a unique facility covering many aspects of British, European and International test requirements for furniture, materials and components.

Since 1949, FIRA has developed many of the test methods which form the basis of furniture standards and regulations worldwide, such as BS 4875 (structural testing of domestic and contract seating), BS 6222 (testing of domestic kitchens) and BS EN 14073 (office storage furniture safety testing).

FIRA’s product testing is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS), which guarantees tests are conducted to the highest standards and gives confidence to our clients. This product testing is essential for commercial usage and insurance protection.

Download Our Certificate

Click here to download our FIRA Certificate